Women in Amal Al Mulla: Sarah Najafi


Welcome to women in Amal Al Mulla, a new series we are introducing that celebrate women from various industries wearing their favourite Amal Al Mulla pieces in their everyday lives, pieces that are timeless and versatile enough to wear and last in your wardrobe forever.


They are all different in their own right but all have one thing in common, their love for fashion and their utmost pristine style. We take a moment to celebrate them and shine a spotlight on these women whom we admire and respect for their authentic and kind, intelligent and strong selves.  


Our first muse is Sarah Najafi, a lawyer by profession who embarked on her second life after realizing that the creative path is the only way forward. She is a woman of many talents and her impeccable style is just an added bonus. 


Take a step with us into her world, a conversation on her role as a content creator, recent discoveries and rituals for a more balanced lifestyle.


Sarah Najafi in the Kaia Black and White dress with gold chain


What did 2020 mean for you, both personally and professionally?

Personally, it was very scary, especially at the beginning when we didn’t really understand the virus. It was definitely a year of reflecting and revaluating what matters most. 

Professionally, I think I really evolved as a content creator because I was forced to be creative with my poses since I was taking most of my photos at home. I learned to take my own photos and have been doing so ever since. I did my best to stay busy and also support the brands and PR agencies that I had a close relationship with. It was such a tough year for our industry. 


What are your learnings and reflections from the past, and is there anything you would like to focus more on this year?

Simply put, to cherish your loved ones. Life is short. I learned that I needed to slow down and make more time for myself as well as my family. I also learned that the things that stress me out are quite trivial in the grand scheme of things. 


It has been hard to stay positive recently, but who or what makes you smile?

My husband and my dog are my joy.


Something honest you’ve admitted to yourself lately.

That I deserve to be successful. I often criticize my work and question if I’m talented enough to work with the brands I work with. I realized recently that I’ve worked really hard and deserve to be where I’m at in my career. 



When do you feel your strongest?

I feel strongest when I don’t allow obstacles to stress me out. I tend to over-stress and I’ve been working on rolling with the punches and not letting anything interfere with my goals, big or small.


What’s the most interesting or exciting thing you’ve recently discovered?

 My most exciting recent discovery is a facial tool, the Cooling Facial Globe from a new skincare brand called, Sundree Skin! It feels amazing and is so relaxing. 


Tell us about any rituals that assist you in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and what your outlook is for the coming years.

Meditation, working out, and outings with friends and family are what really keep me balanced. 


If you could, what piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Listen to your gut and your parents haha! And also to enjoy the journey and understand that every failure is rerouting you to exactly where you’re supposed to go. 


An accessory that would complement your Amal Al Mulla look.

The Okhtein Terra Handbag. 


Sarah Najafi in the two toned yellow twisted skirt and the chocolate brown turtle neck top


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Kaia Black and white dress with chain
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Two toned yellow twisted skirt