For Spring Summer’19, Amal Al Mulla creates a collection that is inspired by an exploration of self. Moved by a series of travels that led to a new found realization of truth and beauty felt beyond what can be seen. The colors of the horizons, of remote mountain ranges, of quiet crystal blue skies, of anything far, far away.

To be lost within those colors, the colors of distance, solitude and desire, the colors of there seen from here. And embracing its complexity, its layers, and being fully present in its mystery and certainty.

The collection is an adaptation of that wave of experiences felt and the solace found in its solidarity.

A portrayal of that moment, the pieces are designed on the idea of taking familiar elements and with the eye of a foreigner coming up with something new, Balancing delicacy and boldness in a way they can beautifully and seemingly coexist.

Embracing its contrast, mixing developed textures and abstract patterns against refined feminine silhouettes, creating a selection of versatile pieces that speak the wearable poetry of the brand.