Five Minutes With: Noor Hazeem

“5 minutes with” is a mini-series that highlights women from different walks of life showing you how they morph their favourite Amal Al Mulla piece into a coveted wardrobe staple for seasons on end while getting to know them a bit better. 

Our first series is with Noor Hazeem, a woman with great merit. From an impressive degree in Arts & sciences to architecture, she shows us that she can do it all with such grace and pristine style.

Below is our up close and personal with Noor:

Mind blowing meal I had recently: A truffle lobster pasta! It was so good.

A movie soundtrack that defines my life: Another Day of Sun-La La Land 

Something I love but others can’t seem to get on board: Waking up before the sun

What is one cultural touchstone that has changed your life and why? The Little Book of Calm by Dr Aaron Balick. I get extremely anxious, so this book has taught me how to deal with it on some levels.

A small act of kindness I do regularly for myself: I buy myself flowers.

Who would you say most inspires you in your life? My mom, she’s the strongest woman I know. 

Definition of success: Self-reliance and hard work.

When do you feel your strongest? When I’m taking care of myself and my mental health.

Five years ago I wish I had known: You don’t have to work hard all the time and exhaust yourself to achieve your goals, you can take a break and take care of yourself. It’s equally as important.

What beliefs are of most value to you? The law of attraction. What you attract will come to you, especially positive energy.

An accessory that would complement my Amal Al Mulla look: Hoop earrings.

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