Fall Winter 19 – Amal Al Mulla






Fall winter ’19 is inspired by vulnerability, and it’s roots that ground us with time. A transition and maturity that comes with it. Into it’s own wilderness, where all things are connected in an unseen and unspoken way, taking refuge from the mundane by escaping into the infinite possibilities of the little pieces of earth found inside of us. 

With a sense of adventure, discovery and curiosity, finding ourselves craving a little oddness, attempting to capture garments that flow with mystery and emotions. 

The collection is a reflection of those roaring dreams and understandings that take place in a continues expanding conscious mind.

A direct reflection of our inner workings, the pieces are designed using organic movements that infuse a sense of modernity into functional silhouettes, mixing pure bold tones and artful abstract textures against soft minimalism building a sophisticated and refined collection that is adaptable to different woman no matter how old she is.