CHAPTER ONE: Beginnings.


They asked .. ‘What now?’ the week after graduating at just 23. Fast forward a year later, the brand was born.


Starting the brand was always the dream. growing up with a love for creating, I found fashion as my outlet in molding my ideas into reality. I’ve always had that fascination with what goes beyond the surface of things and that is definitely what strikes me until today, the string of thoughts and creative process behind a piece or a collection from start to finish, that is the space I knew I wanted to invest my time in and from then on, I pursued my studies in fashion design and then eventually my career in the industry began with full ready-ness and excitement to embrace the entrepreneurial life.


We launched the brand Amal Al Mulla back in 2014 in Bahrain, after noticing there was a gap in the market all around the GCC. Fashion was very limited to certain kinds of styles and we wanted to create a brand that broke past certain familiarities and carved a path that gave fashion a sense of newness and modernity that we felt was missing in the region. And instantly, once we designed and launched our first collection by end of that year, the story began.


Stay tuned for our next chapters, where we unlock our on-going journey with the brand.