AMAL AL MULLA is a women’s Ready-to-Wear label that focuses on modern femininity. Designed with a timeless and versatile approach in mind, the collections portray the designer’s aesthetic of consistency in contrast leading the pieces to definitive silhouettes that evolve within opposing elements that attract.

Creating structure against fluidity, textures against transparencies, femininity against masculinity and strength against softness, building a wardrobe of transitional pieces that work fluidly through-out the seasons.

Deeply inspired by the earth, nature and art, the pieces embody a foundation of beauty, ease and functionality forming subtle and refined creations that suit the modern women of today.

Constructed with fine craftsmanship and a great eye for detail, Amal Al Mulla aims to create a new kind of essential, one that pushes the boundaries on how we define classic.





As a conscious brand, we become more aware everyday of the effects that the industry has on the environment. We do feel it is a huge responsibility and that we must have a positive impact and be advocates for change.

We, at Amal Al Mulla, want sustainability to be our ongoing mission and we are highly committed to explore how we can embed it in all areas of our business operation. It’s all about a mindful transition.

By creating collections that stand for timeless styles and quality, our brand aspires to transcend trends and produce pieces that build longevity in a women’s wardrobe.

Our aim is to also maintain our production locally in-house from creating the pieces all the way to our recyclable packaging and utilize the resources available in Bahrain to play our part in reducing Carbon footprint.

With a drive to create a truly lasting impact, we are committed to be creative in finding new ways and approaches on how we can have a positive impact and be vocal about this collective mission but it starts with the contribution of each person and brand in this industry. Together towards a better future.